BUDGET Carpet Cleaning Service

BUDGET - EMPTY or NO furniture moved (around ALL furniture) - If you are choosing a carpet cleaner on the cheapest price, please do NOT call us!! We are owner/operators that care, so we turn up to every booking no matter how big or small. We perform quality work, at a cost suitable for our experience & qualifications. We understand that you are on a BUDGET, but if you want Experienced Qualified Professionals cleaning your carpet so that you can get your bond back? then Barrie & I are BOTH Highly trained & IICRC accredited in Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & we are your LOCAL Reliable Experienced Owner/Operators.

Please see True Local for 42 Independent Reviews of our DELUXE services.

NB: In preparation for your BUDGET clean, please ensure that you THOROUGHLY vacuum all carpet including edges, within 48 hours of our arrival, OR you WILL be charged $11 vacuum charge per 12sm room. For an OPTIMUM result, a thorough vacuum within 48 hours of steam cleaning, will remove 70% of dry soil in your carpet.

We do NOT 'BAIT & Switch'. We give as accurate a quote as possible given the information YOU give to us, eg not many spots/stains to be treated, or heavily soiled etc. However, there are a lot of cheaper companies that you could choose, that may or may not employ 'Bait & Switch' tactics. You ultimately 'get what you pay for'.

We have been asked to perform steam cleans on many properties where other technicians have supposedly steam cleaned the premises & it has not been good enough for the Landlord/Real Estate Agent, or exiting Tenant. We can provide a BUDGET service without cutting corners, as EMPTY premises & cleaning AROUND ALL furniture in a house or unit, means we spend LESS time on site. 5 step BUDGET process - Barrie (& sometimes myself also) will:

  • 1. Pre inspect your carpet for spots, stains, worn/damaged areas.
    2. Prespray with HOT Non Toxic shampoo
    3. Treat by hand your SPOTS eg grease, mud, some food, stain treatment is additional charge*
    4. Steam Clean EMPTY premises or AROUND ALL furniture to remove soil, spots & steam cleaning products.
    5. Deodorise
*Any stain that has been on your carpet for some time or has had treatment applied already will be HARDER to remove & MAY need additional treatment, if stain is removeable at all? For PRICES please see 'Price List Page'

NB: Please advise us at the time of QUOTING IF you require specialty stain treatment eg red wine, URINE stains etc to treat as they WILL take us additional time to TREAT, as there WILL be additional charges!

For larger properties, or YOU request moveable furniture moved, please call us for a quote on 0418 245135, or 9948 9333 after 4pm.

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