DELUXE Carpet, Upholstery & Leather Clean - Castle Crag

'Guaranteed Thorough Quality Deluxe Carpet, Upholstery & Leather Clean in Castle Crag or NO Charge!

Our GOAL is to provide EXCEPTIONAL Quality Service in Castle Crag & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction!

WE perform all the DELUXE Carpet, Upholstery & Leather Cleans in Castle Crag ourselves because we will NOT compromise on Quality. IF you want Experienced Qualified Professional Owner/Operators to clean your carpet Barrie & me are BOTH Trained & Accredited in Carpet AND Upholstery Cleaning see IICRC 'Institue of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration & Certification'. Crown is a IICRC accredited company PLUS we are a member of 'SCRIA' - 'Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association'.

YOU deserve to be proud to show off your furnishings! We live locally on the Northern Beaches & we offer a UNIQUE Specialised PREMIUM Superior Deluxe Service which will EXTEND the life of your existing furnishings. Crown is a IICRC accredited company PLUS we are a member of 'National Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners Restoration Association' - NUCCRA.

8 Step Superior DELUXE Steam Cleaning Service Castle Crag where together Barrie & I will:
1. Pre inspect your carpet for spots, stains, worn/damaged areas. Discuss MOVEABLE items YOU would like moved around, & any ADDITIONAL rugs, runners, upholstery or ceramic tiles YOU would like cleaned, then discuss any adjustments to quote.
2. THOROUGHLY vacuum ALL areas to be cleaned including edges & under & around unmoveable furniture, with our upright Dyson Vacuum, with HEPA filter, to remove 75% of DRY soil, dust mites & 90% of airborne particles
3. Prespray with Non Toxic shampoo
4. Treat spots/stains by gently agitating carpet fibres to lift in-ground soil.
5. Gently MOVE & replace MOVEABLE (by one person) lounge suites, chairs, dining tables & beds as we vacuum, then again as we steam clean, where possible.
6. Steam clean/RINSE with our FAST drying Hydramaster Boxxer 318 TRUCKMOUNT or Portable machine IF difficult access, or above 1st floor unit, to remove soil, spots & steam cleaning products, soften fibres & slow down resoiling.
7. Deodorise.
8. Groom carpet fibres
NB: When needed we use a 'turbo dryer' whilst on site, to speed up drying.

Please see 'Price List page' for COST of Carpet, Upholstery or Leather Cleaning in Castle Crag

Please see True Local for 32 Independent Reviews of OUR services.

NB: In preparation for your clean, please remove any rugs that are NOT also being steam cleaned, & as many smaller items like pot plants, side tables, boxes etc onto non carpetted surfaces & remove any toys, clothing etc off the carpet being cleaned. *Please advise us IF you require: URINE, Red wine, Candle wax or other specialty stain treatment - see 'Specialty' Section for additional costs.

We carry a large range of Stain treatments which covers blood, red wine, coffee, urine, faeces, coffee & tea. However we CANNOT guarantee FULL removal of any stain, but we will do our BEST to TRY to lighten &/or remove these stains - see Stain Treatment page OR Urine Treatment page for costs & information.

We also perform Leather Cleaning on your FINISHED or SEALED Leather see Leather Cleaning service

Please SEE below for Before & After carpet shots.

28042009254 Before

28042009258 After

Image Before

Image After

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