Commercial - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Chatswood

Barrie & I have over 30 years combined LOCAL Owner/Operator experience in Commercial Office Carpet, Upholstery, Tile Steam Cleaning + Water Damage Restoration 24/7 in Chatswood on Sydneys Northern Beaches. WE perform all the DELUXE Commercial work ourselves because we will NOT compromise on Quality. Please see our 'References' page. Being owner/operators we have a vested interest in building a regular client base of Satisfied Commercial clients. We can perform the work AFTER hours when required, & Saturdays.

Our GOAL is to provide EXCEPTIONAL Service & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction!

DELUXE Superior Service - together Barrie & I will perform an 7 stage process:
1. Pre Inspect your carpet, rugs, lounge & office chairs for spots, stains, worn areas, water damage, etc.
2. Vacuum with Industrial strength HEPA filter to remove 75% of DRY soil, dust mites, allergens & 90% of airborne particles whilst picking up bins, pens, paper clips, boxes etc etc.
3. Pre spray with HOT emulsifying (slows down resoiling) Non Toxic shampoo.
4. Pre TREAT spots & stains, softly agitate carpet/upholstery fibres to lift in-ground soil.
5. Steam Clean to remove soil, spots & steam cleaning products, with a Rinse added to neutralise carpet fibres.
6. Move Moveable furniture eg Office Chairs back & forth, place bins on desks etc
7. Deodorise.

Please see Commercial / Office Carpet Cleaning for information & prices. Or call us for an on site or over the phone quote on 0418245135.

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