Commercial - Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Cromer

We have over 16 years LOCAL experience in Commercial Office Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Cromer on Sydneys Northern Beaches. WE perform all the DELUXE Commercial work ourselves because we will NOT compromise on Quality. Please see our 'References' page. Being owner/operators we have a vested interest in building a regular client base of Satisfied Commercial clients. We can perform the work AFTER hours when required, & Saturdays.

Our GOAL is to provide EXCEPTIONAL Service & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction!

DELUXE Superior Service - together Barrie & I will perform an 7 stage process:
1. Pre Inspect your carpet, rugs, lounge & office chairs for spots, stains, worn areas, water damage, etc.
2. Vacuum with Industrial strength HEPA filter to remove 75% of DRY soil, dust mites, allergens & 90% of airborne particles whilst picking up bins, pens, paper clips, boxes etc etc.
3. Pre spray with HOT emulsifying (slows down resoiling) Non Toxic shampoo.
4. Pre TREAT spots & stains, softly agitate carpet/upholstery fibres to lift in-ground soil.
5. Steam Clean to remove soil, spots & steam cleaning products, with a Rinse added to neutralise carpet fibres.
6. Move Moveable furniture eg Office Chairs back & forth, place bins on desks etc
7. Deodorise.

Please see Commercial / Office Carpet Cleaning for information & prices. Or call us for an on site or over the phone quote on 0418245135.

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