DELUXE Professional Quality 'High End' Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service, with a Commitment to Excellence

We AGREE on & ARRIVE on time & we guarantee to TRY our best to perform the BEST job possible. Our GOAL is to provide EXCEPTIONAL Quality Service & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction with NO Gimmicks! We perform a 'High End' personalised Quality 'DELUXE service' with a Womans touch!

NO two carpet cleans will ever be the same. Conditions will vary considerably taking into account: How many family members are there? How many cats, dogs or other animals live at the premises? How many spills have occurred over time? How long has EACH separate spot/stain/spill been on the carpet? What treatment has already been used? all these factors will impact on the carpet &/or upholstery cleaning result. We are often asked to REMOVE a 10 year old stain that has had its ph change over this time! which can sometimes be impossible.

Its YOUR choice. 'We offer a 'High End Premium Quality DELUXE service' - you can USE the 'BEST', US! or TRY the Rest? IF you are choosing a carpet &/or upholstery cleaner on the CHEAPEST price, please do NOT call us as we are both Owner/Operator, qualified technicians that care! We CARE & we like to build a rapour with our repeat clients. We often get EMERGENCY phone calls from repeat & sometimes new clients 'Please HELP, our son or daughter has just vomitted!'. We will strive to perform their Clean the SAME day or NEXT day.

Our Quote includes one or TWO Qualified LOCAL 'Carpet & Upholstery & Ceramic FLOOR Tile Cleaning + 'Advance Stain Removal' Technicians cleaning your furnishings + a qualified 'Water Damage Restoration' technician. We are only interested in performing quality work at a suitable price for our time spent on site & our expertise. We determine a QUOTE based on the information that YOU provide to us. Our DELUXE services include a full THOROUGH vacuum, BEFORE steam cleaning which gives a better result. Ask other companies if their quote includes vacuuming?

Please be aware that NOT ALL carpet stains will be removed! Our result will depend on any treatment you have already applied, the type of stain eg red wine?, the age & type of carpet & how long the stain has been on the carpet? Any stain that is over a few weeks old will be HARDER to remove, as the chemical composition of many stains will change over time, etc etc. We will strive to do our BEST but we cannot always satisfy every client, or ourselves!

IF YOU want QUALIFIED LOCAL Experienced, RELIABLE, Professional Owner/Operator technicians cleaning your carpet & upholstery Barrie & I are BOTH Trained & Accredited in Carpet AND Upholstery Cleaning see IICRC Australia 'Institue of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration. Barrie & I are also ICAN trained in 'Stain Removal' & we are a member of SCRIA 'Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association' see SCRIA enter 'NSW, Carpet Cleaning, Crown'.

We now live in Forestville & we like to stay LOCAL to Sydneys Northern Beaches, Lower & North Shore. We offer a UNIQUE Specialised SUPERIOR Deluxe Service which will EXTEND the life of your existing furnishings.

DELUXE Steam Cleaning - Superior Service - 7 Step process where together Barrie & I will:

  • 1. Pre inspect your carpet for spots, stains, worn/damaged areas. Discuss MOVEABLE items YOU would like moved around, & any ADDITIONAL rugs or upholstery YOU would like cleaned
    2. THOROUGHLY VACUUM ALL areas including edges & under & around unmoveable furniture, with our upright Dyson Vacuum, with HEPA filter, to remove 70% of DRY soil, dust mites & 90% of airborne particles
    3. Prespray with Non Toxic shampoo
    4. Hand treat & apply basic stain treatment chemicals for greasy spots, food spills etc & gently agitate carpet fibres to lift in-ground soil. *Additional charges apply for 'Advanced Stain Removal' - see below
    5. Gently MOVE & replace MOVEABLE (by one person) lounge suites, chairs, dining tables & beds, as we vacuum, then again as we steam clean, where possible.
    6. Steam clean with our FAST drying Hydramaster Boxxer 318 truckmount or Portable machine (IF difficult access) to remove soil, spots & steam cleaning products, soften fibres & slow down resoiling.
    7. FREE Deodorise.
NB: Your carpet will be left with a V shaped design as the cleaning process involves cleaning all sides of your carpet fibre. This design will minimise after a couple of days use. When needed, we groom carpet fibres in living room & we use a 'turbo dryer' whilst on site, to speed up drying process in cooler weather.

For PRICES please see 'Price List Page'

*'Advanced Stain Removal' may be required for any 'Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue or Brown' etc (coloured) stains, that do not come out by BASIC Stain Treatment during our process. We will discuss these stains on pre inspection, give you your options & or proceed as per your instructions, IF YOU WANT us to attempt to remove them with 'Advanced Stain Removal' techniques. Please see 'Stain Treatment' page for further information & costs.

NB: In preparation for your clean, please remove any rugs that are NOT also being steam cleaned, & as many smaller items like pot plants, side tables, boxes, toys, clothing etc off the carpet

Being a woman, I am very THOROUGH because that is what I would expect! My husband Barrie & I perform all the DELUXE Residential & Office Carpet & Upholstery Cleans ourselves, because we will NOT compromise on Quality. The majority of the chemicals we use, are 'Woolsafe Approved.'

Please see True Local for 43 Independent Reviews of OUR services.

Please SEE below for Before & After shots. Click on the thumbnails below to popup larger photos

Image DIRTY stairs BEFORE Cleaning

Image Clean stairs AFTER cleaning

Image DIRTY Spots/drips on Carpet BEFORE Steam Clean

Image CLEAN Carpet AFTER Steam Clean

28042009254 Before

28042009258 After

Image Before

Image After

Image Before

Image After

Owner/Operator Husband & Wife team IICRC trained professionals
Deborah Hodge ID 96912
Barrie Hodge ID 118645
Through IICRC we have pledged to perform our services with Skill, Honesty & Integrity to provide our clients with the highest degree of professionalism possible. Quality service with NO upsells!
See our reference page OR for 43 independent Reviews see

Fully Insured Local Expert team in Carpet, Upholstery, Leather Cleaning & Water Damage Expert Technicians.

We Arrive at an AGREED time
We guarantee to TRY our best!

Our PRIORITY is Customer Satisfaction! Over 17 years LOCAL experience - Northern Beaches, Lower & North Shore.



Cleaning carpet at clients house

Image Our Truckmount & Our Van
TRUCKMOUNT or Portable used.


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