DELUXE Carpet, Upholstery & Leather Clean Warriewood

'Guaranteed Thorough Quality Deluxe Carpet, Upholstery or Leather Cleaning in Warriewood or NO Charge!

Our GOAL is to provide EXCEPTIONAL Quality Service in Warriewood & our Priority is Customer Satisfaction!

WE perform all the DELUXE Residential & Office Carpet, Upholstery & Leather Cleans in Warriewood ourselves because we will NOT compromise on Quality. IF you want Experienced Qualified Professional Owner/Operators to clean your carpet Barrie & me are BOTH Trained & Accredited in Carpet AND Upholstery Cleaning see IICRC 'Institue of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration & Certification'. Crown is a IICRC accredited company PLUS we are a member of 'SCRIA' - 'Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association'.

We live Local, in Seaforth & we offer a UNIQUE Specialised PREMIUM Superior Deluxe Service which will EXTEND the life of your existing furnishings.

8 Step Superior DELUXE Steam Cleaning Service Warriewood where together Barrie & I will:
1. Pre inspect your carpet for spots, stains, worn/damaged areas. Discuss MOVEABLE items YOU would like moved around, & any ADDITIONAL rugs, runners, upholstery or ceramic tiles YOU would like cleaned, then discuss any adjustments to quote.
2. THOROUGHLY vacuum ALL areas to be cleaned including edges & under & around unmoveable furniture, with our upright Dyson Vacuum, with HEPA filter, to remove 75% of DRY soil, dust mites & 90% of airborne particles
3. Prespray with Non Toxic shampoo
4. Treat spots/stains by gently agitating carpet fibres to lift in-ground soil.
5. Gently MOVE & replace MOVEABLE (by one person) lounge suites, chairs, dining tables & beds as we vacuum, then again as we steam clean, where possible.
6. Steam clean/RINSE with our FAST drying Hydramaster Boxxer 318 TRUCKMOUNT or Portable machine IF difficult access, or above 1st floor unit, to remove soil, spots & steam cleaning products, soften fibres & slow down resoiling.
7. Deodorise.
8. Groom carpet fibres

Please see 'Price List page' for Carpet, Upholstery &/or Leather Cleaning prices

Please see True Local for 32 Independent Reviews of OUR services.

NB: In preparation for your clean, please remove any rugs that are NOT also being steam cleaned, & as many smaller items like pot plants, side tables, boxes etc onto non carpetted surfaces & remove any toys, clothing etc off the carpet being cleaned. *Please advise us IF you require: URINE, Red wine, Candle wax or other specialty stain treatment - see 'Specialty' Section for additional costs.

We carry a large range of Stain treatments which covers blood, red wine, coffee, urine, faeces, coffee & tea. However we CANNOT guarantee FULL removal of any stain, but we will do our BEST to TRY to lighten &/or remove these stains - see Stain Treatment page OR Urine Treatment page for costs & information.

We also perform Leather Cleaning on your FINISHED or SEALED Leather see Leather Cleaning service

Please SEE below for Before & After carpet shots.

28042009254 Before

28042009258 After

Image Dirty lounge arm

Image Arm AFTER cleaning

Image Before

Image After

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